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A Warm Welcome

to the bilingual Montesssori-Brigitte-Kindergarten Basel

for children with and without special needs

aged 3 to 7 years old

Life holds many surprises and challenges, which one should be prepared for.  Therefore, the children entrusted to us are both supported and challenged by the principles of Montessori pedagogy. Playful accumulation of experience, support of self-reliance and consolidation of social competences within the framework of a constructive cooperation are predominant.


The Montessori-Brigitte-Kindergarten offers an ambiance that inspires children to discover their environment their own accord.  We maintain an atmosphere of trust and security. Tolerance and respect, as well as an affectionate caring, is encouraged both between teachers and the children and among the children themselves. 

About Us

The Montessori-Brigitte-Kindergarten was founded in 1979 as the first Montessori-Kindergarten in Basel. Ss an integrating kindergarten it endeavors to accompany children with or without disabilities after the principles of Maria Montessori. Taking into account the cantonal policies, children learn the necessary educational abilities and are supported in the development of their whole personality.


In a warm and cordial atmosphere children learn to accept and respect each other and themselves. Our goal is to include children in everyday life, to educate them to a cooperative behaviour and to support them in their natural use of learning to think and act.

We are neither bound by ideologies nor by confessions and are first and foremost committed to the interests of each individual child. We are a private kindergarten and admitted by the state and AMI (Assoziation Montessori Internationale). The kindergarten is run by the association of Montessori-Brigitte-Kindergarten Basel.

what we offer

What We Offer

Our kindergarten mornings are from Monday to Friday from 7.45 am to 12 am. The main focus lies on activities with our Montessori material. The children are being cared for bilingually in German and English and encouraged to behave independently. Theme projects, excursions and theatre performances complete our mornings.


In addition to the regular kindergarten hours we offer different afternoon programs from Monday to Thursday from 12 am to 4 pm. These programs are optional and charged separately. 


  • Early English

  • German as a foreign language

  • Spiel & Spass incl. baking, role play and outings

  • Art & Craft

  • Kids in the Kitchen

Our team

Our Team

Shary Zaborsky

Kindergartenleiterin, dipl. Biologin, dipl. Montessori-Erzieherin

Andrea Kaiser

Stv. Kindergartenleiterin, Dr. Psychologin 

Sarah Halliday

Pädagogische Leiterin, dipl. Kindergärtnerin, dipl. Montessori-Erzieherin

Kathrin Schnoz

Dipl. Montessori-Erzieherin

Daniella Hamid-Geldner

Dipl. Erzieherin

Christine Salathé

Dipl. Kindergärtnerin

Marion Elbling

Dipl. Musikerzieherin


"Help me to help myself."

Montessori Pedagogy

Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) was the first woman to study medicine in Italy. She demanded a new understanding of the child and its disposition, and a new educational method based on this. The necessity to educate should no longer be in the foreground, the self-reliance of the child ought to be encouraged instead. A rich and diverse array of didactic working materials developed for this purpose should inspire the child to discover its environment of its own accord and to master obstacles. The consequent individualization is the focus of the learning process. The pedagogy is ideal for all children including children with special needs.


The Montessori materials are an integral part of the learning process. They encourage the child to develop its personality through self-motivation and freedom of choice. Through this the child gains courage, trust and confidence.


Information: Andrea Kaiser

Kannenfeldstrasse 28

Im Hinterhof

4056 Basel


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